Maybe I have no friends, maybe I hate the idea of going outside, maybe I blanked out when someone asked me what I do "for fun" (wait, not true, I answered "Sleep and wander around?" and was met with confusion), but... what would a dragon do? A dragon doesn't need friends. A dragon is Wendi Deng Murdoch, evolving from a demure rabbit and "a nice Chinese lady," into a hyper-ambitious dominatrix with a billionaire media mogul at her beck and call. But alas, no more. After numerous betrayals of the heart, Wendi's been ejected, and she's her own woman now, ready to unleash her destructively relentless ambition without relying on a geriatric flesh heap to serve as a conduit of capital any longer. Sure, she's a terrible person. But being a dragon doesn't mean you have to be good.

- 周家家

Disclaimer: Wendi Deng Murdoch wasn't actually born in the year of the dragon but I still stand by it. My neighbor is yelling at his dog again.