Cautious + Steady + Industrious

"It would be my choice for last meal on earth."

Draw the blood out by immersing oxtail pieces in a big bowl of water. Let it sit for 2-4 hours and the blood will gradually seep out of the bones and the meat. If you don't draw the blood out, the meat will be tough and difficult to eat. [1] The ox has a history of earning her value through the alchemy of flesh; whether through the ingestion of her tail or the exertion of muscle to the point of collapse, she inhabits the corporeal spectrum between labor and meat. Bones crack, muscles torque and twist, internal organs soak and swell. Peeling back the dermis, gazing at the lipid layers, her physicality insists, whether for soup or for autopsy. In more human economies, she takes the form of Donna Haraway's "real-life cyborgs...the Southeast Asian village women workers in Japanese and US electronics firms" [2], Indian surrogate mothers and kidney-sellers, sex workers in Thailand, and so on; subjects who paradoxically deplete or lease out their bodies in order to guarantee their continued subsistence. The ox is honest and steadfast in her work, but does she have a choice? Rooted in an ouroboric relation to her own physicality, she stretches and begins again.

[1] Recipe quoted from Miss Happy Belly
[2] Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto


skin space

Music: Grimes - REALiTi
it can be weird to have a body. dancing is not normal, it's pathological. the strain of perpetuating my existence in meatspace is farmed out to endlessly energetic amphibious loops.

- diane

a modest proposal

the easiest way to make yourself feel weird about your body is to eat meat. the rip and stretch of flesh, but in the cavern of your own clawing bone and muscle and sinew. bon appétit.

- lily